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We Have Over 20 Years of Experience

At Melbourne Hand Therapy, our team of highly specialised physiotherapists and occupational therapists work closely with leading hand and upper limb plastic and orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, neurosurgeons, sports physicians and GPs.

All our therapist have undergone extensive post graduate study in hand therapy and upper limb rehabilitation as well having gained crucial clinical experience through years of practice in the field.

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Meet Our Clinicians

WE HAVE THERAPISTS WITH EXPERTISE IN SPECIFIC AREAS shoulders | wounds (additional nursing degree) | therapists with sporting backgrounds (ex Olympian, Sports degree) | wrist rehabilitation (Speaker at International Surgeon's conference) | tendon rehabilitation and fracture management.

Conditions Treated by our Therapists


Melbourne Hand Therapy Services

Hand Therapy

Our hand specialists are qualified occupational therapists and physiotherapists with targeted post graduate training and extensive clinical experience in the complex treatment of hands.

Shoulder Physiotherapy

Our dedicated shoulder physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal, sports and orthopaedic shoulder pathology.


At Melbourne Hand Therapy, our expert care includes all aspects of paediatric and upper limb fracture management. We work closely with leading orthopaedic and plastic surgeons to ensure the best outcomes pre and post-surgery.

Sports Injuries

Our therapists understand how important fitness, sport and training is to many of our patients and are committed to achieving the right balance between maximising healing and minimising time patients have to spend away from their sport.


Our therapists specialise in helping treat degenerative and debilitating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and help patients manage pain, deformity and stiffness.

Nerve Pathology

Painful conditions such as carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome are managed by our specialist team with the use of splints, exercise and targeted and practical advice. Our therapists work in conjunction with leading surgeons to manage post-surgical decompression and nerve repair.

Tendon Pathology

At MHT we rely on evidence from the latest medical and scientific research to treat tendon pathology. This ensures that targeted exercise and treatment for tendinopathies and post-surgical tendon repair result in the best possible outcome.

Wrist Rehabilitation

Our therapists are trained in assessing, diagnosing and treating all wrist conditions with specialised knowledge in the complex integration between ligaments and bones and how they interact to produce wrist stability and mobility.

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Frequently Asked

1Do I need a referral?
Not necessarily. For patients that are privately insured a referral is not needed. If patients are covered by Workcover / TAC / Veteran Affairs then a referral is required in order to claim through the insurance company. If you are unsure, give our rooms a call and our administrative staff can help you.
2What do I need to bring to my appointment?
  • Any x-rays, scans and tests relevant to your injury/condition if you have them
  • Your referral if you have one
  • If workers compensation, TAC or DVA: claim number and accident and employer details
  • Your health fund card
3I just need a brace/splint do I need to make an appointment?
At Melbourne Hand Therapy we have off the shelf brace options for various needs, however our therapists can also fabricate custom thermoplastic splints as well as casts as needed. If you have been referred for a splint or brace, your therapist will need to assess your injury/condition and can then recommend which is better suited for your individual needs. Additionally, they will educate you and provide you with exercises to further assist your recovery.
4Why would I go to a hand therapist and not my usual physiotherapist?
All therapists at Melbourne Hand Therapy are university-trained physiotherapists or occupational therapists who have completed further training and education in the area of hand and upper limb rehabilitation. We specialise in treating injuries and conditions from the shoulder to the fingers. We regularly receive referrals from local physiotherapists and osteopaths who believe their patient’s conditions are better treated by specialists in the area.
5What if I need to cancel my scheduled appointment?
24 hours’ notice is required for all cancellations and failure to do so will result in a $55 cancellation fee. The allocated time has been specifically set aside for your individual treatment and less than 24 hours’ notice often results in an inability to offer this appointment to others.