Conditions Treated

Hand fractures

What is it?

There are many different types and severity of fractures (or “break”) of the bones in the hand. These can happen as a result of many different traumas to the hand such as falls, crush injuries or ball sports.


After a fracture, there is usually pain and swelling/bruising around the injured area. Depending on the type of fracture, movement of the fingers is usually possible but may be limited by pain and swelling. There may also be deformity present e.g. fingers crossing over when bending or deviating away from the other bones.

If you have a fracture it is important to see a hand therapist to have a custom-made orthosis to immobilise the fracture to allow for healing and appropriate management to regain full use of your hand.

If you have sustained a trauma to your hand and suspect there may be fracture, it is important to attend your GP for an x-ray and then follow up with a hand therapist with the x-ray results. Even if there is no fracture identified, attending a hand therapist is suggested to ensure appropriate treatment and that there are no soft tissue injuries.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, book an appointment.