Medico-legal Reporting

This service is only available to current and past clients of Melbourne hand therapy.


A medico-legal assessment and report may be required for WorkCover, TAC or public liability cases or claims.

Medico-legal reports may be requested by your solicitor (with your consent) or by other nominated third parties (e.g. WorkCover/TAC). The report requests further information regarding your injury and treatment.

Our therapists formulate the report by completing a comprehensive document review, a review of your hand therapy notes and by conducting additional relevant assessments. This procedure provides a high quality, unbiased and accurate report.

What is a Medico-Legal Report?

Medico-Legal reports are written by medical professionals to provide evidence in regard to your case/injury. The report addresses the questions posed in the letter of instruction from the solicitor or third party.

Medical Report Structure

As outlined above the report provides detailed responses to the questions outlined in the letter of instruction. Typically a report may comment on:

All of our reports are peer-reviewed by our experienced occupational therapists.

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