Waterproof Fracture Casts

Melbourne hand therapy can provide fracture management of the upper limb with the application of a waterproof cast.

The primary advantage of this type of casting is to allow the patient to get their cast wet (i.e. showering, swimming, daily living) and improve comfort/hygiene whilst the fracture is healing.

Waterproof casts are a lightweight and waterproof alternative to traditional plaster casts. They are generally more comfortable and easier to deal with, and you can swim and shower whilst wearing them.

Why Use a Waterproof Cast Over A Non-Waterproof Cast?

Waterproof casts are

With a waterproof cast it is possible to shower and swim. The waterproof liner/under padding allows the skin to dry by evaporation. After showering you can drain to remove excess water and then if needed use a hairdryer on low/cool setting to dry. Like normal plaster it remains important to keep the cast free of lotions, deodorant, powder and keep sand and dirt out.

Waterproof Casts Can Be Used on These Types of Fractures

Many upper limb fractures (broken bones) such as distal radius, ulna, scaphoid or other carpal bone fractures are suitable for application of a waterproof forearm based cast. The fracture should be stable with minimal displacement on xray or CT scan. Acute swelling should be settled.  Your doctor, specialist or hand therapist can confirm if you are suitable for a fiberglass waterproof cast.

Melbourne Hand Therapy Can Help You

All of our hand therapists are trained in the application, management and removal of fiberglass waterproof casts. If your fracture can be suitably treated with a waterproof cast, we are able to remove your plaster of paris and apply the waterproof cast on the spot. Our consultation will include education on the correct safe management and care of the cast. When the fracture is healed we will provide rehabilitation including exercises to improve range of motion and function and later strengthening to assist you in a full return to all daily living activities including sport.

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