MHT Updates and Communications May 2020

MHT Updates and Communications May 2020


Cherie Smith – Physiotherapist

Melbourne Hand Therapy have been using a program specially designed to provide Telehealth, called COVIU. It is a user friendly secure platform.

Some conditions require in-room treatment, particularly post operative reviews where wound care is involved, or sessions where splints are made or modified.

However, for others we are providing high quality care with video feedback for rehabilitation, education and exercise prescription.

We have found the transition to Telehealth to be smooth and have been taking extra steps to ensure good communication and understanding of exercise programs.


Cherie Smith – Physiotherapist

There is understandably uncertainty right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MHT are here for you and your patients, with patient  safety as our priority. With additional precautions in place, we are continuing to treat patients in the clinic at this time.

We have implemented: extra cleaning of surfaces, patients are temperature checked upon arrival, asked to wash and sanitise their hands, attend appointments independently or only with one essential support person.

Patients who have any flu like symptoms or those who have had any known exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case are asked to self isolate and offered Telehealth appointments.


Haley Field – Occupational Therapist

Following Australia’s success of flattening the curve in the fight against COVID-19, the minister for health agreed that from the
27th of April more category 2 and some category 3 surgeries would be able to be performed.

We are available to treat and assist in the rehabilitation of these patients including but not limited to post operative wound care, dressings, splint fabrication and exercises.


Melbourne Hand Therapy has been working hard to stay connected to our patients in new and creative ways. You and your patients can now link up with us on all major social media platforms. Follow us to keep up to date with news, just click the icons on our website to connect!


Haley Field – Occupational Therapist

Our staff are continuing best practice to ensure patients are being seen both face to face and via Telehealth.

What does that mean for you as our loyal referrer? Please feel confident in continuing to refer patients to us. We will discuss with your patients over the phone, prior to their appointment time whether their condition is appropriate for a Telehealth consultation or for face to face consultation at one of our ten Melbourne based clinics.

Be assured, if face to face is the most appropriate option, we have put in place extra standards to ensure our hygiene standards are second to none, including temperature checking on arrival, hand washing and sanitiser at all of our clinics.

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