17 June 2021

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June 2021


June 7-13 2021

We are excited to celebrate Hand Therapy Awareness Week! Dates: June 7-13 2021. Our campaign can be found across all of our digital platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure you head to our social media pages in the 2nd week of June to catch all of our fun posts!


Joint changes involving the CMC joint of the thumb are very common. Many patients present with pain, difficulty using the hand and reduced grip and pinch strength. Unlike many other conditions, changes noted on the x-ray do not necessarily correlate with perceived pain and disuse. What does seem to be important, is whether there has been subluxation of the joint. Once this occurs, pain tends to increase.

The role of hand therapy is always to maximise usability of the hand. If the CMC joint posture can be controlled, then the patient has a better chance of maintaining function. The ‘push splint “is” a lightweight option to assist with joint position. Its design supports the thumb and opposes the deforming forces that can occur with OA. This splint in combination with exercise and activity modification are the key components to managing thumb OA.


At the end of April, our Melbourne Hand Therapy team gathered together to celebrate and say a farewell to occupational therapist, Elaine Naughton, and our administrative whiz, Jacqui Jordan. We had a lovely afternoon and delicious lunch together in Richmond.


On 22nd May, the Melbourne Hand Therapy team attended a cocktail making masterclass event run by Monsieur Cocktails. It was such a fun night with many laughs and everyone had a wonderful time. A huge thank you to our host, Max, who brought such energy and vibrancy to the event. A huge thank you to Jennifer Mathias for organising such a fun event for her team. We can't wait until our next social event!

To view more photos from our cocktail making masterclass event, head to our official Melbourne Hand Therapy Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn pages.


Melbourne Hand therapy would like say a huge warm welcome to our newest therapist, Kimberley McCall. Kimberley is an experienced upper limb physiotherapist and in available to take new patients now. Kimberley is located is our Ringwood East, Box Hill and Eastlink locations.

Melbourne Hand Therapy would also like to say a very warm welcome to Emma Locandro and Rose Ali. Both Emma and Rose are joining our team as new upper limb and hand therapists and will be available to take new patients very soon.

And last but not least, we would also like to say a very warm welcome to all of our amazing new admin and support staff that have started with us recently. We are very excited to have you on our team and love seeing our team grow.

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