• What’s New This Month:
  • Word from Jen
  • Have You Got a Sore Wrist?
  • AHTA Courses Update
  • Common Kitchen Injuries and Prevention Tips
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Jennifer Mathias


Jennifer Mathias
MHT Director
Senior Clinician

As I prepared to write this newsletter, I was delighted to receive notifications from LinkedIn celebrating the anniversaries of two valued members of our team at MHT.

Firstly, let’s extend our heartfelt congratulations to Colleen Moloney for her remarkable 23 years of dedication and service with MHT. Colleen’s unwavering commitment has been instrumental in shaping our organization and ensuring the highest standards of care for our patients.

Secondly, we celebrate Emmeline Fook’s impressive 14 years with MHT. Emmeline’s expertise and passion have significantly contributed to our team’s success, and her continued presence enriches MHT every day.

On Saturday evening we also gathered our administration team together for a delightful dinner at Olivigna’s Winery. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the teams contributions while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and delicious cuisine.

  • What’s New This Month:
  • Word from Jen
  • Have You Got a Sore Wrist?
  • AHTA Courses Update
  • Common Kitchen Injuries and Prevention Tips
  • Industry Facts

At MHT, we recognize that our team members are the cornerstone of our success. Their dedication and hard work enable us to provide exceptional care and support to our patients, day in and day out.

Team Member

Have You Got a Sore Wrist?

Wrist injuries are a common but often challenging condition to recover from. They can result from acute trauma or overuse and may manifest as localised pain or global discomfort. Our therapists are dedicated to identifying the best treatment approach, whether it involves splinting, further scans (like MRIs or x-rays), or the involvement of a Hand Surgeon.

Key components of wrist injury treatment include:

  • Wrist straps and splints
  • Activity and sports advice
  • Customised exercises for strengthening and stabilizing the wrist

Common Conditions We Treat:

  • Triangular fibrocartilage complex injury
  • Distal radius fracture
  • Scapholunate ligament injury
  • Extensor carpi ulnaris tendinopathy

Tip: Regular wrist exercises can prevent exacerbations and re-injury.

Wrist Rehab Exercises

AHTA Courses Update


Morgan Klooger recently attended the Australian Hand Therapy Association Orthotic Fabrication Mobilisation Course on the Gold Coast. She learned how to fabricate various orthoses for fingers and wrists, including:

  • Serial casting
  • Radial nerve palsy orthoses
  • Dynamic Progressive Flexion orthosis
  • Wrist mobilisation orthosis with hinges

Morgan is eager to apply her new skills in dynamic splinting, helping patients with stiff joints achieve greater range of movement.

Common Kitchen Injuries and Prevention Tips

In our clinic, we often see injuries that could have been prevented with a few simple precautions in the kitchen.

1. Avocado Mishaps: Most common when removing the pit while holding the avocado.

  • Prevention Tip: De-pit avocados on a stable surface and use a spoon to scoop out the pit.

2. Handling Frozen Steak: Attempting to separate frozen pieces with a sharp knife can lead to cuts.

  • Prevention Tip: Allow steak to thaw slightly or use tools designed for cutting frozen food.

3. Bin Compacting Risks: Pushing down rubbish can result in cuts from sharp objects.

  • Prevention Tip: Use a tool to press down the trash instead of your hands.

Stay safe and enjoy cooking without worry!


Industry Facts

  • Did you know that 80% of wrist injuries occur due to falls and overuse?
  • Hand therapy significantly reduces recovery time and improves functional outcomes.
  • Dynamic splinting can improve range of motion by 20% within the first month of use.

Thank you for being part of our Melbourne Hand Therapy community. We’re here to support your health and wellness journey every step of the way.

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