10 March 2023

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March 2023

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  • Welcome Morgan Klooger
  • Long Head of Biceps Tendinopathy
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Jennifer Mathias
MHT Director
Senior Clinician

Welcome to 2023. Can you believe it’s March already!?

We hope our patients, their friends and families had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely, relaxing summer, despite the weather.

Our therapists are now back on deck following the break, refreshed, refocussed and some are even tanned!

The start to the MHT year has been frantic. So much has happened and I’m pleased to finally have the chance to share with you the changes that have taken place over the last three months.

Firstly, 2023 has seen us welcome new team members.

Aby started in January as MHT Practice Administrator and thank goodness she did. She has an amazing eye for detail and since stepping through our doors has been a fantastic support to all of us, keeping us on track with our full diaries. Thanks Aby.

Morgan Klooger has joined us as our new hand, wrist and elbow therapist. Morgan has worked in several private Hand Therapy practices across Melbourne and has a particular interest in treating patients and new mothers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and De Quervains Tenosynovitis. Morgan will be consulting at our Ringwood East, East Melbourne, Mount Waverley and Deepdene clinics and is available now for bookings.

Great to have you on board, Morgan.

MHT has also expanded its presence at Knox Private now working Mondays and Tuesdays to support our busy Hand and Upper Limb Surgeons, Mr Andy Ang, Mr Kemble Wang and Dr Avanthi Mandalson.

And, as I write, we are completing the accreditation process for the Cabrini and Epworth Hospitals. Furthermore, we are in the process of significant renovations at our Latrobe Private Hospital practice.

Now, for the really exciting news. Our favourite Scottish physiotherapist, Kim McCall, is having a baby! Woo hoo. Over the break, Kim travelled home to Scotland to marry her long-time partner and returned with the happy announcement.

We couldn’t be more thrilled for you, Kim.

Weddings are obviously in the air at MHT because our other popular physiotherapist, Terri Stanley-Clarke, has also tied to knot with her longtime partner, Daniel.

In other good news, our always-smiling hand therapist Nikita arrived safely back in Melbourne after an ill-fated return to her family in New Zealand. When ready to return to Australia, poor Nikita became trapped by a ferocious cyclone followed by an earthquake. Scary.

Now, for our first newsletter of 2023, we are going to introduce (or reintroduce) you to our awesome therapists.

Hope you enjoy.

Long Head of Biceps Tendinopathy

The long head of biceps tendinopathy is a disorder of the tendon at its proximal (upper) end. The tendon structure becomes compromised as a result of injury or overuse. Know the causes, signs, and symptoms, and more about this by clicking the button below!

Read More

Meet the 2023 Team

It’s 2023 and for this first edition of MHT’s monthly newsletter for this year we wanted to re-introduce the MHT therapist team to our lovely patients.

For those who have just joined us, welcome aboard! We love having new patients join our family of highly skilled, dedicated and personable therapists.

Jamie Do
Dane Johnson
Colleen Moloney
Jennifer Mathias
Emmeline Fooks
Terri Stanley-Clarke
Kimberley McCall
Kate Rayner
Lucy Barrett
Haley Field
Morgan Klooger

Fast Five with Morgan Klooger

Fast Five is back for 2023 and we’ve giving it some oomph with a couple of brand-new questions.

And as per Fast Five’s usual practice, MHT’s newest recruits are the first in the firing line and for the first column of 2023, that means hand therapist Morgan Klooger. Morgan joined the team earlier this month and likes to run and do yoga when she’s not helping her patients.

Take it away Morgan.

What is your guilty streaming pleasure?


Who do you admire and why?

My family – their kindness, unconditional love and ambition.

What is your go-to Karaoke song?

Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia (Ed: Whose isn’t!)

What celebrity annoys you the most and why?

Kayne West

If you had to be a Disney Character, who would you be?


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