5 May 2021

Updates & Communications
May 2021

Australasian Sonographers Association

Jennifer Mathias and Cherie Smith have been invited to present at the 27th Annual International Conference of the Australasian Sonographers Association. The conference will be held in Brisbane over the 28th – 30th May 2021. Good luck to Jennifer and Cherie!

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder (or adhesive capsulitis) is an inflammatory condition causing fibrosis of the glenohumeral joint capsule and is accompanied by gradually progressive stiffness and a reduction in range of motion, especially abduction and external rotation. Patients often report an insidious onset with a progressive increase in pain, particularly at night.

This is a condition commonly treated by our experienced Physiotherapists at Melbourne Hand Therapy who can help patients more comfortably move through the Freezing, Frozen and Thawing stages of this condition. They will use a combination of hands on treatment techniques, a home exercise program and pain management strategies to improve shoulder range of movement and therefore function.

We work closely with GP's and Shoulder Surgeons and can provide progress updates for referrers as required.

Hand Therapy &
Wound Care

All therapists at MHT are competent in wound management which is critical to the successful rehabilitation of the injured hand. We are experts in removal of sutures, cleaning and redressing wounds as required. Our main aim is to promote healing as quickly as possible reducing the risk of scarring which is often the result of delayed healing. Our clinics have access to dressings that are appropriate to the “stage of wound healing” for example dressings to promote a moist wound environment, nonadherent dressings etc. We aim to stream line dressings to allow early active movement of the hand reducing joint stiffness. When scarring does occur we can educate the patient on massage techniques to reduce adhesions and recommend and supply various silicone products to help improve the appearance and pliability of scars

Staff Changes

Last year Melbourne Hand Therapy said goodbye to one of our amazing therapists, Jessica Goodale. Jessica will be continuing her hand therapy career with Eastern Health and we cannot wait to see what amazing things she can do for her patients there. Melbourne Hand Therapy are also saying a temporary goodbye to the wonderful physiotherapist, Terri Stanely-Clarke. We wish both Jessica and Terri all the very best for their exciting next chapters.

Last Month, Melbourne Hand Therapy also said farewell to one of our occupational therapists, Elaine Naughton. We are very excited to hear all about her next chapter in hand therapy and our team will miss her.

Melbourne hand Therapy would also like to give a huge welcome to Melanie Thomas who has recently joined our team! Melanie is an amazing occupational therapist and hand therapist. We are all very excited to work with Melanie.

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