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Jennifer Mathias
MHT Director
Senior Clinician

November has been a busy month for us with some staff taking leave. Our receptionist at Box Hill, Mel got to spend some well-deserved time in Thailand, whilst our hard-working therapists, Jaime holidayed in Vietnam, Dominic in Singapore and Jana returned home to South Africia to catch up with family and friends. This gave me the opportunity to work again on the Thursday’s in Gipps Street, East Melbourne catching up with some new patients and also some lovely familiar faces. I tried to re-book a patient in for an appointment in six weeks and couldn’t believe that took us to Christmas day! I know that the rest of the year is going to be busy as the quiet time for us at MHT is often at the end of Jan / Feb, just following the time when the Surgeon’s take their holidays.

Victorian Hand Surgery Society Annual Conference was held on 15th November and attended by our therapists Colleen and Emmeline. It was a full day of education with presenting guest Surgeons Ann Van Heest and Scott Edwards.



Closed hand trauma course

Our therapists Morgan, Jaime and Lucy dedicated themselves to furthering their skills, taking a stride towards achieving their accreditation from Australian Hand Therapy Association. Kudos to these three therapists from successfully navigating a weekend of online learning 8-10 November, 2023 focusing on ‘Closed Trauma.

Content covered a range of upper limb conditions, such as fractures, ligaments, neurovascular, as well as delving into the elbow and shoulder. The course empowered the therapist to recognise recent evidence based therapeutic approaches, splinting/orthosis options and techniques and guidelines tailored to a patient’s rehabilitation and recovery as well as potential complications and when to refer on for a second opinion or further intervention.

Lucy enjoyed learning how to screen and assess a range of shoulder conditions. Morgan enjoyed exploring the concepts of proprioceptive training and neuromuscular rehabilitation as part of treating wrist ligament injuries.

The therapists are excited to put their new skills and knowledge to practice. They will complete this course by completing an exam on the content covered and successful completion will bring them closer to obtaining full AHTA accreditation.



Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a condition that involves compression of either nerves, arteries or veins in the shoulder region. As therapists we typically only see the neurogenic presentation which is the type where nerves are compressed.

With TOS you will typically only gets symptoms in one of your arms not both. If you experience symptoms in both of your arms it is likely you are not experiencing thoracic outlet syndrome. TOS is found to impact approximately 2% of the population. In the general population it is 3 times more likely to impact woman than men.

In TOS there are 3 sites where compressions can occur.

Symptoms you may experience:

Patient’s will often experience no symptoms at rest and notice symptoms develop when the arms are raised above the head such as when hanging up washing, reaching into a cupboard or blow drying hair.

Your therapist will obtain a detailed history of your symptoms and your life to work out what aggravates your condition and what some possible causes may be. Your therapist may also complete a series of tests to help determine whether it is TOS causing your symptoms.

Treatment may involve exercises for breathing, your mobility, and your nerves to help them glide. Working out your aggravators with your therapist and modifying your activity is a large part of treatment also.


“Highly recommend”
Vivienne W

“Professional, friendly and approachable.”
Diane R

“I have fantastic experience with hand therapist Morgan who listens, carefully observes my progress and gives great solutions. She is very resourceful. I would greatly recommend her to anyone who wants to get the best of their treatment.”
Boriana G

“These Hand Therapists are amazing in my eyes. It’s so interesting watching them create and mould a splint for my thumb (currently on my second splint). And excellent practical advice to move forward with. I feel very well supported!”
Lee H

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