1 October 2015

Our Therapist Contributions


In October 2015, Occupational Therapist Jess Medland embarked on her 3rd volunteer trip to Mumias in rural Kenya. Jess worked with Kenyan allied health professionals and surgical teams to provide hand therapy to children with congenital deformities, burns contractures and cerebral palsy.

The Australian Hand Therapy Association awarded her the 2015 Philanthropic Scholarship.

The grant was used to set-up hand therapy equipment at the Mumias EARC and run a professional seminar on basic hand therapy for acute management of burns, fracture management and night splinting for cerebral palsy. In addition Melbourne Hand Therapysponsored Zaituni (3 years) to undergo reconstructive surgery, this involved a burns contracture release of her left elbow and wrist. For further information please visit the “Mama Cynthia” website at http://mamacynthia.wix.com/mama-cynthia

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