24 March 2020

Telehealth (Video/Online Consultations)

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are encouraging our patients to consider whether telehealth (online consultation) is a suitable option for them.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth or "online consultations" involves the use of your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile to safely gain access to the healthcare services you need remotely.

At Melbourne Hand Therapy, your therapist will use video and voice to:

  • Assess your symptoms, injury and needs
  • Provide education on your condition/injury, treatment options, timelines of healing, and ways you can improve your pain/function
  • Provide guidance on ways to modify exercises and activity to allow safe participation and function
  • Provide a home exercise program or progressions to a current program

Who is suitable for telehealth sessions?

At Melbourne Hand Therapy we encourage active rehabilitation through education and exercise. Therefore, many people are well suited to receiving therapy via telehealth. Some conditions do require in-room treatment - particularly post operative reviews where wound care is involved, or sessions where splints are made or modified. If you are unsure if telehealth is suitable for you, please call our rooms to discuss with our reception staff and they will help you determine this.

How does telehealth work?

At Melbourne Hand Therapy we use a program called COVIU to provide telehealth. COVIU is specially designed to provide telehealth services. It is a secure platform, very user friendly and requires no download to use. You will need access to a microphone and camera on your chosen device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile). We also encourage setting up in a quiet room that has good lighting to make the most of your session. When you book your telehealth appointment, you will be sent an email or txt with your appointment time and a link. At the start of your appointment (we encourage commencing this 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time) simply click the link. This will open your web browser to a page where you are asked to enter your name, add a photo and read a consent form with a tick box associated. Once this is done you will be taken to a virtual waiting room until your therapist commences the session.

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How do I make a telehealth appointment?

At present all telehealth appointments are made over the phone. If you would like to book a telehealth appointment, or change an existing appointment to telehealth please call

03 9899 8490

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