25 July 2021

Dupuytren’s Disease And Hand Therapy

What Is Dupuytren’s Disease? Dupuytren’s Disease is often a hereditary condition that can progress over many years, whereby the finger/s […]
25 July 2021
What Skier’s Thumb UCL Injury

What Is Skier’s Thumb (UCL Injury)?

Skier’s thumb was named after the injury that occurs from a fall with a ski pole in the hand. When […]
28 June 2021
Rotator Cuff Injuries Types, Diagnosis & Treatment

Rotator Cuff Injuries: Types, Diagnosis & Treatment

Rotator cuff injuries are common and often lead to long-term pain. They can be caused by overuse, repetitive movements or […]
21 June 2021
Shoulder Physiotherapy Common Shoulder Conditions

Common Shoulder Conditions And Their Treatments

Shoulder injuries are common, but not always easy to recover from. And if you don’t get the right treatment, it […]
13 June 2021
Adhesive Capsulitis What Treatments Available

What Is Adhesive Capsulitis And What Treatments Are Available?

Adhesive capsulitis is a painful condition that affects the shoulders. It causes stiffness, swelling and reduced range of motion in […]
6 June 2021
AC Joint Injury Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

AC Joint Injury: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

When you have an AC joint injury, it can be hard to figure out exactly what’s going on. And if […]
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