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“After having visited other hand therapists Jennifer was a breath of fresh air! She made me feel very comfortable and her knowledge and care were outstanding! She made me feel confident that she could help my complicated situation”

Cara Bierenkrant

“I have attended 2 appointments with Kate at the Bundoora clinic and I have found it to be very friendly and professional. Kate gave me all options for treating my hand condition and explained fully what to expect with my treatment plan. I would highly recommend Kate and Melbourne Hand Therapy”

Carol Knight

“Jen and the team at Melbourne Hand Therapy provided me with exceptional care and support to assist with my recovery. The team of therapists worked hard to ensure I am now pain-free and have full use of my finger. The multiple access to different locations made it easy to set appointments to suit my own schedule. I would highly recommend Melbourne Hand Therapy and thank them for the outstanding service they provided”

Tanya Gamble

“After receiving substandard care elsewhere I was referred to Andrew Cavello and his team to look after a hand injury. Thank you so much for looking after me. The receptionists and therapists are divine and Andrew has been amazing. Thank you!”

Ainsley Sinicco

My personal experience with Kate Rayner at Melbourne Hand Therapy has been extremely positive and encouraging for my recovery. Kate has been working with me on my severe injury for over 4 months. Considering how little movement, strength and function I had in the beginning, it is unbelievable how far my injury has come with Kate’s assistance, care and therapy. I can now complete most of the simple everyday actions and tasks with a noticeable increase in flexibility and less fatigue. The things that I loved doing including exercise, cooking and teaching are achievable once more.

Throughout my journey, Kate has given me perspective and educated me in the ways to improve my injury by explaining why, how and what. I can’t believe how many gadgets, techniques and exercises there are to assist with injuries such as mine. Kate and I have developed a weekly exercise schedule that incorporates various exercises to keep it engaging, interesting and also fits in with my busy work/life schedule. Even after 4 months, I am still motivated to work hard as I am continuing to see results. Meeting with Kate regularly has definitely helped keep me on track with her professional, bright and positive energy. I feel I can talk with Kate about the vast number of issues, concerns and insecurities that come with an injury such as mine.

Kate genuinely cares about getting me back to functioning in life, in a way that matters to me. We often talk about the goals I hope to achieve in relation to improving my injury. I feel I am treated as a whole person, not just for my injury. Kate has helped me regain confidence. She provides regular reassurance and continues to encourage me to return to normality in various aspects of my life.

All staff encountered at Melbourne Hand Therapy, whether over the phone, or when welcomed at the clinic by the receptionists, have been delightful and always happy to assist me with any question, concern or query.

Carly Simons

Jennifer, Emmeline and Cherie are excellent, friendly, and encouraging. They are also very knowledgeable, concerned about my overall well-being and really do not hesitate to make extra effort to care about my progress.


I have been seeing Kate now for about 5 weeks and I have found her manner great. I have been very happy with her treatment and the exercises she has recommended. I am very happy with the progress I have made. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

I have also been very happy with Gabrielle the Receptionist who is always pleasant, friendly, and happy.


My overall experience of the Melbourne Hand Therapy Practice has been extremely positive. From day one I have been treated with the utmost care and professionalism by the entire team. Not only have I received first rate treatment and medical assessment, but the therapist has educated me on the nature of my injury, designed a comprehensive exercise and treatment plan and maintained excellent follow up despite the challenges that Covid has imposed. I have also been aided with practical advice and support in managing my day to day life both and work and at home, with my injury. They truly have improved my quality of life and I highly recommend their expertise!

Djuna Smith

Melbourne Hand Therapy came to our rescue when our 15 year old son broke his finger and needed surgery requiring K wires.  The quality of their service was exceptional and in every way we felt cared for and well informed at every stage of our journey.  We were able to access care in different locations which made it easy to fit them within our busy lifestyles.

The office staff were able to schedule appointments to coincide with quick consults with the Surgeon, which was reassuring throughout the recovery period.  Our son was guided very well with his rehabilitation which included hand therapy and exercises to do at home to help with a speedy recovery.  He now has full use of his hand is enjoying all the sports he played before the accident.


Elaine and all the other staff at Melbourne Hand Therapy have been an amazing help in my recovery process. Elaine is lovely and has great knowledge that has helped me return to my normal life prior to the injury. Not only does everyone have amazing knowledge they have also been welcoming and supportive throughout the whole process, with frequent check-ins to make sure I am travelling well. Thank you once again for your great support and helping me get back to work.

Clare LeCouteur

I would like to thank the dedicated and experienced staff at Melbourne Hand Therapy who have helped me in my recovery after a wrist fracture. My fracture required surgery, and the staff kept me focused on the management plan and were always encouraging and positive. I have now been able to return to work as a nurse in a critical care area.

Judith Hiah

I injured my hand at work. While beginning my recovery I was very worried that I would barely be able to use my hand. Melbourne Hand Therapy have gone above and beyond and my hand is almost back to its pre injury mobility.

Tyson Kielblock

I recently suffered a sporting injury which required major surgery. As an active person I was concerned about the long-term impact and whether I was able to continue my sporting passion. Cherie not only provided me with expert treatment and care, her enthusiasm and commitment to my rehabilitation has enabled me to return to work with 100% confidence. My heartfelt thanks to Cherie and the Melbourne Hand Therapy team!

Christopher Sage

I have now had 2 different surgeries to my hands over the course of the past year and have done the rehabilitation both times with a wonderful therapist from Melbourne Hand Therapy. I felt comfortable and informed throughout all my consultations and had a very positive experience overall. I am now using my hands for everything I need to do with full movement and strength. Thank you to the amazing team at Melbourne Hand Therapy.

Carole Keegan

I attended Melbourne Hand Therapy earlier this year for assistance with a chronic wrist injury that was preventing me playing golf. The advice I received was clear and concise and explained using language I could understand. The therapist was caring and understanding of my desire to get back to golf as quickly as possible. Overall I had a great experience with Melbourne Hand Therapy and am gratefully now playing golf pain free.

Warren McGregor

Great Treatment, Care and Professionalism!
My hand therapy sessions were well planned and never rushed. Elaine listens to questions and responds in great detail, providing good feedback. If presented with any concerns or enquiry she offers suggestions and advice to the best of her ability. She provides information and instructions clearly and thoroughly, always ensuring that it is well understood. Furthermore, Elaine not only focuses on recovery but also on long-term management and prevention of recurrence.

The hand therapy sessions has also made me confident to self-manage my condition. After each session, I feel even more positive towards my healing and focused on recovery. From the start of my therapy I had always felt that I was in good hands and provided with great care and professionalism.

Thank you so much for the great support and care!


I have had a recent hand operation and was referred by my doctor to Melbourne Hand Therapy, Box Hill. I have been very happy with the care and personal attention I have experienced, together with professionalism and approachability. It is always a positive experience and come away with good advice and exercises to complete. These exercises are always followed up and discussed. My therapist is always knowledgeable, informative and friendly.

Lynette Amor

Last year I had a severe injury to my shoulder. Thanks to my wonderful therapist at Melbourne Hand Therapy, I now have full mobility and the confidence to live my life independently.  Over all, my experience with Melbourne Hand Therapy was very positive.  My therapist was professional, caring and encouraging.  All staff were very welcoming.  Thank you so much Melbourne Hand Therapy. I will happily recommend MHT.



Thank you to the superb team at Melbourne Hand Therapy. I have had personal assistance from two of their members over recent years. They are totally patient oriented, professional and thorough in all they do. I could not be more delighted with their excellent service and would most definitely recommend them to others.

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