Carly Simons

My personal experience with Kate Rayner at Melbourne Hand Therapy has been extremely positive and encouraging for my recovery. Kate has been working with me on my severe injury for over 4 months. Considering how little movement, strength and function I had in the beginning, it is unbelievable how far my injury has come with Kate’s assistance, care and therapy. I can now complete most of the simple everyday actions and tasks with a noticeable increase in flexibility and less fatigue. The things that I loved doing including exercise, cooking and teaching are achievable once more.

Throughout my journey, Kate has given me perspective and educated me in the ways to improve my injury by explaining why, how and what. I can’t believe how many gadgets, techniques and exercises there are to assist with injuries such as mine. Kate and I have developed a weekly exercise schedule that incorporates various exercises to keep it engaging, interesting and also fits in with my busy work/life schedule. Even after 4 months, I am still motivated to work hard as I am continuing to see results. Meeting with Kate regularly has definitely helped keep me on track with her professional, bright and positive energy. I feel I can talk with Kate about the vast number of issues, concerns and insecurities that come with an injury such as mine.

Kate genuinely cares about getting me back to functioning in life, in a way that matters to me. We often talk about the goals I hope to achieve in relation to improving my injury. I feel I am treated as a whole person, not just for my injury. Kate has helped me regain confidence. She provides regular reassurance and continues to encourage me to return to normality in various aspects of my life.

All staff encountered at Melbourne Hand Therapy, whether over the phone, or when welcomed at the clinic by the receptionists, have been delightful and always happy to assist me with any question, concern or query.

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