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What Type of Shoulder Physiotherapy Is Offered at MHT?

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By Cherie Smith

Physiotherapists at Melbourne Hand Therapy use a variety of techniques to improve compromised range of motion, muscle activation, movement pattern, control and strength in your shoulder. We can equip you with the tools to achieve the highest functional level possible.

We will also educate you about the activities that compromise the healing process, and provide ergonomics advice to assist with maintaining the best posture in your work environment.

We utilise manual physiotherapy techniques to resolve pain, muscle or soft tissue stiffness. We also provide additional techniques such as dry needling, and taping if indicated.

The major component of your physiotherapy sessions however is prescribing a tailored exercise program based on the findings of our assessment.

The exercise program will be developed and progressed to be both efficient and safe for your shoulder condition. We will practice each exercise with you to make sure you are confident with your program.

We can give you a handout to make sure when you want to perform the exercises  next time you have a well depicted program, which will be easy to remember.

The physiotherapist at MHT will liaise with your specialist or GP to make sure, we, as a team are working together towards the same goal.

If you would like to have your shoulder examined by one of our fully qualified shoulder physiotherapists, please call us at Melbourne Hand Therapy today (03) 9899 8490 or leave an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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