Do I need a referral?


No. For patient’s that are privately insured a referral is not necessary. If patients are covered by Workcover / TAC / Veteran Affairs then a referral is required in order to claim through the insurance company.

What do I need to bring?

It is important to bring any X-rays or other results with you to your appointment.

What if I need to cancel my scheduled appointment

24 hours notice is required for all appointments and failure to do so will result in a $55 cancellation fee. The allocated time has been specifically set aside for your individual treatment and less than 24 hours notice often results in an inability to offer this appointment to others.

Can I make, change or cancel an appointment via email?


We are unable to accept, change or cancel appointments via email. To make, change or cancel an appointment please call our friendly receptionists on 9899 8490.

How do I know that the information I give to the therapist is confidential?


We appreciate the importance of protecting your medical and personal information. You can be assured that all staff of Melbourne Hand Therapy have adopted the National Privacy principles in the collection, use and security of this information.

At times, we need to share your information with other health service providers to ensure good quality health care. It may be necessary to discuss your condition / progress with your referring practitioner / local doctor, or other therapists involved, (which may include work rehabilitation specialists).

If you do not wish for any information to be sent to or discussed with other health professionals, please tell us.

How much will my treatment cost?


Hand Therapy is covered for patients under Workcover / TAC / Veteran affairs with no additional fees.

For private patients, please contact our main rooms to discuss specific fees.
Any equipment required as part of your rehabilitation, such as splints, theraputty etc. will incur additional charges.

Can I claim my visits?


Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy can be claimed on Medicare if your General Practitioner has referred you under the EPC program. This entitles patients to claim up to 5 allied health visits for those suffering a chronic or longstanding condition.
If you are covered under TAC or Workcover you must give your therapist your claim number during your initial visit. If you are covered by TAC, you may have an initial medical excess that is your responsibility.

How do I contact you?


For all enquiries and appointments, please contact our main rooms on 03 9899 8490.